Havent played Sims3 in ages so Decided to Update My Simself Today.
My Simself and my bf.

I thought this was cute... she's preggers and has the most adorable face after I edited her a bit earlier XD She needed a makeover cuz I've lost weight and she just didnt look as good as she could have. lol

Edward and Bella Sims :]
My sister posted this on her LJ already but I wanted to post it in mine too since I fixed them for her ^^ Here's a link to my sister's post with the download links: http://celebi88.livejournal.com/11610.html

Bella Pic 1
Bella Pic 2
Edward Pic 1
Edward Pic 2

Ball Jointed Dolls <3
Anyone else in love with these beauties? I'm basically completely obsessed with them now.... and.... I'm sad because I really really want this one:

And the company that makes her is going out of business March 31st [Korean Time].... I'm doing commissions through paypal for $20 if anyone is interested! I need to fill 22 slots and I havent gotten any interest on deviantart yet so I thought I'd try here XD Please will you help me get my dream dolly before she's gone forever? I'm doing sketch commissions for now [small ones], but I havent decided if they will just be headshots, busts, or maybe even small animal sketches/adoptables... but since I dont draw animals a lot they'd have to be something I'm comfortable with and wouldnt be 100% in anatomy so hope you dont mind if you ask for one XD I cant really draw cats but I might try... I'd probably be better at dogs. I'd mostly like to do human head shots or possibly elf character head shots... I'm willing to try anthros also. These wont have colors [they'll be traditional sketches but I might throw on some digital flat colors possibly... havent decided yet].... If you want to pay more than $20 I will add colors [traditional or digital you decide]. These wont all be finished this month tho since I have 22 to do but I'll try to get a good hunk out quickly. I have two commissions [not for RL money] to do in the mean time also so they are a priority. But I'd need the payment for these 22 up front and some references of what you want drawn. If you are interested please comment here. 

This is my deviantart with examples of my art: http://www.ravenwolf89.deviantart.com/

She will be my first BJD and she's also going to be the doll version of my character Gloria May :D

Cheetah Gal WIP
Just wanted to post a pic that I started tonight... I think it looks awesome XD

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Sims 3 Pose I've been Working On
The pose I've been working on is behind this lj Cut because its full of huge pictures. lol.
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My Character Gloria May Richards
Just wanted to post a picture of my character Gloria from a story/book/graphic novel I'm writing. This was drawn by an amazing artist who does pencils for comic books etc. His name is Rudy Vasquez and this is a link to his Deviantart: rudyvasquez.deviantart.com/

Just wanted to post something so I figured I'd post a link to my Deviantart:


You can find all my art on there etc. DO NOT FUCKING STEAL! That shit is mine and mine only. If you have a Deviantart feel free to fav and comment but do not take any of my stuff please x.x


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